Wastewater Plant Operator I, II, III

  • City of Sanibel
  • Sanibel, Florida
  • Jul 14, 2024
Full Time Construction and Skilled Trades Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Salary: $47,632.00 - $86,860.80 Annually USD

Job Description


Under the general supervision of the Chief Wastewater Plant Operator, conducts work involving the operation and maintenance of wastewater plant facilities, collection, transmission system and reuse facilities according to federal, state and local regulations and established procedures. Duties include record keeping, analysis testing and maintenance activities associated with the operation of wastewater treatment facilities, which must be accomplished in an accurate, timely and complete fashion. Performs other work as required.


This is the entry-level class in the Wastewater Operator series. Positions at this level typically perform similar duties as the Wastewater II Plant Operator, but are not expected to perform with the same independence and judgment on matters related to established procedures and methods.
  • Operates and regulates the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater in compliance with federal, state and local regulations and established procedures.
  • Assists in the operations and maintenance of the wastewater collection, transmission and reuse system, including lift stations.
  • Takes and charts all necessary readings. Takes control samples and runs tests. Makes all chemical and pressure adjustments necessary based on readings and according to specified guidelines applicable to the proper operation of wastewater plants.
  • Records daily operation of pumps, including pressure, flow readings, pump hours, chlorine usage and levels, and pump function; takes corrective action as required.
  • Prepares daily operating sheet, the daily operating summary, the shift changeover sheet and daily maintenance sheet. Periodically reads flow meters, gauges, and dials and records data for reports. Prepares and maintains records of all repairs and adjustments made to wastewater facilities and equipment.
  • Runs qualitative analysis on wastewater and corrects chemical settings. Performs process control calculations and interprets data. Takes samples and prepares them for testing to ascertain quality of treatment. Collects specimen samples and performs routine laboratory test. Records results according to prescribed state guidelines.
  • Changes control room charts. Changes chlorine cylinders and containers. Sets chlorine machines to obtain proper readings. Tallies chemicals and electricity consumed for month.
  • Derags and cleans mechanical aerator and diffusers. Cleans and scrapes algae from clarifier overflow weirs. Pumps sludge and measures sludge blanket depth; hoses down sludge tanks. Rakes bar screens. Pumps down, back flushes and hoses tankage and equipment. Cleans lines and pipes.
  • Participates in routine maintenance work and repair functions for pumps, tanks, aerators, precipitators, filters, motors, pulleys, drive belts, solids and chemical handling facilities and all related wastewater facilities and equipment. Performs maintenance, repair and cleanup of buildings and grounds as needed.
  • Abides by all federal, state and local safety rules and regulations.
  • Remains available for emergency situations on an on-call basis.

NOTE: The examples of essential functions as listed in this class specification are not necessarily descriptive of any one position in the class. The omission of an essential function of work does not preclude management from assigning specific duties not list herein if such functions are a logical assignment to the position.

Required Education, Experience, License, Registration, and Certification Qualifications

High School diploma, GED or other Certificate of Competency

MUST possess State of Florida Class A, B, or C Wastewater Operator’s License.

Must possess a valid Florida Driver’s License.

Supplemental or Additional Information

Knowledge of wastewater treatment facilities operations and maintenance.

Knowledge of related laboratory operations and procedures.

Knowledge of occupational safety rules and practices.

Knowledge of federal, state and local regulations in wastewater treatment and disposal.

Ability to prepare and maintain accurate reports and records.

Ability to meet requirements and maintain a minimum C Florida Wastewater Operator’s License.

Ability to work effectively with other employees and the public.

Ability to follow complex oral and written directions.

Ability to work shift assignments or to be on call to respond to emergencies.

Ability to work in all weather conditions.

Skill in operating and maintaining equipment involved in wastewater treatment and disposal.

Skill in problem solving, troubleshooting, and record keeping.

Benefits for full-time employeesinclude:
  • Health insurance and subsidy for family and spouse coverage
  • Dental insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death & Dismembermentinsurance
  • Retirement plan
  • 457 Deferred compensation plan
  • Retirement Health Savings Plan
  • Roth IRA
  • Vacation, medical and personal leave
  • Blood donation leave program
  • 10paid holidays
  • Beach parking sticker at resident rate
  • Reimbursementof co-pays for annual physical and cancer screenings
  • Paid Family Membership to SanibelRecreation Center
  • Unlimited Sanibel Causeway transponder
  • Cape Coral bridges transponder, if applicable

Job Address

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