FAQ for Employers

FAQ for Employers

If we already have our own web site, why do we need Careers in Government (CIG)?

There are over 80,000 government and public sector agencies in America alone. Job seekers cannot be expected to visit each of these Web sites, as they go online. Candidates searching the Careers in Government database may not have heard of your particular organization until they see it listed. Careers In Government serves as a clearinghouse. We put more eyes on your job listing and help you become the employer of choice. Careers In Government also provides the job seeker with a link to your agency home page.

 Who operates Careers in Government and how long has the board been in existence?

Careers In Government (formerly Jobs in Government) was launched in 1996. It is owned and operated by former public sector and business professionals with extensive experience in government and education, including personnel administration, and both print and online advertising. For more information please visit our Company Info page.

 Since CIG is devoted to the "public sector" how does the site define this term?

If an agency or organization is financed in substantial part through tax supported funding it is generally regarded as a "public sector" agency. This includes any agency that is part of federal, state or local (cities and counties) government, public universities and school districts, special districts, joint power authorities and councils of governments. Non-profit organizations often receive government grants and other funding and therefore are also welcome to post their jobs on CIG.

 Are there any conditions under which CIG accepts job postings from private sector firms?

Yes. CIG accepts job postings from executive recruiters providing services for public sector clients. CIG also welcomes job postings from private companies who are searching for candidates who have public sector experience, skills and knowledge.

 What are the advantages of advertising on a "niche" or specialty job board?

Savvy recruiters have long published job announcements in "niche" professional and trade journals to target the right candidate pool. This practical, logical and economically sound strategy extends to Internet job boards as well. You can post your Public Works Director job announcement in general circulation newspapers and on generic job board web sites, or you can spend a fraction of the money and get real results by opting for American City and County, and CareersInGovernment.com. When asked to explain his phenomenal scoring success, hockey great Wayne Gretzky said, "I skate to where I think the puck will be". Experienced H.R. professionals know the key to finding the best applicants is to advertise where they look.

 How does CIG attract talented and experienced public sector candidates to its site?

Careers In Government has a comprehensive advertising and outreach program to attract the right applicants to meet your staffing needs. Our ambitious advertising schedule includes use of all available social media outlets, display ads in most national and many regional public sector magazines, newsletters and university newspapers, as well as Internet banners. Direct mail is sent to college career centers, public sector human resources offices and public libraries throughout the nation. Nearly 2,000 hyperlinks from these sites connecting to CIG are already in place! Finally, CIG has a prominent presence at public sector conferences and job fairs.

 How do I register?

Registering can be completed online and takes just a few short minutes. Once you have completed your organization, contact and billing information, you will be taken to a welcome page. There you will see menu options where you may immediately begin posting jobs and taking advantage of the site's many features. Please take a moment and register now!

 Can I actively manage my ads on CIG?

Yes. CIG provides employers with full and convenient management control over their ads. Employers can enter, edit, archive, or delete job announcements 24 hours, 7 days a week and changes take effect right away. Ads can be enhanced with HTML formatting, previewed during composition, disabled at will, and stored in your CIG online portfolio for future retrieval. Additionally, employers can obtain metrics on how frequently their job posting has been viewed.

 Are there any other ways in which CIG can help streamline our recruitment process?

Yes. There are now a whole suite of services available to the employer. In addition to being able to compose job announcements online, store and retrieve them, employers can search CIG's expansive resume database, receive resume alerts, and save resume searches. Employers are able to set up screening questionnaires and manage application tracking. Unlimited amounts of sub users may be added for each organization so that multiple employees may have their own accounts with varying degrees of administrative privileges. Employers can find executive recruiters, compensation and classifications consultants and test preparers in our resource area.

 How can we use our own proprietary online job application with CIG?

This can be done one of two ways. You can incorporate a live hyperlink to your agency's online job application from anywhere in your ad and instruct applicants to click on the link. Our Customer Support staff will be happy to assist you with this, or you may go to our HTML help page for easy instructions. If you do not have your own job application online, you can send it to us as a .PDF formatted file and we will add it to our job application selection box as a choice for you. This option is available only to our Annual access accounts and there is no additional charge for this feature.

 I've completed my registration. Now what?

As a registered employer you can manage all your administrative and recruitment activities from the convenient menu tool bar. Complete or update your employer profile, designate authorized users for your account or change your password. Monitor your current charges and enter or modify billing information and preferences as may be required. All information is password-protected and safeguarded from public view by the strictest security protocols on the web today.

When you are through with the "small print" stuff, enter your career opportunities directly online with the aide of our smart template, online spell check and preview screens. Helpful tools allow you to enter and edit your announcements, and store them on our server when not actively displayed. Finally, be sure to use the Recruiter's Agent to comb through CIG's expansive database of job seeker resumes to quickly identify candidates who match your needs.

CIG is designed for ease of use and incorporates our experience with thousands of public sector H.R. professionals since 1996. Online help screens and tutorials will be added soon. Employers wishing technical support may also call 310-403-8022 weekdays between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm (all time zones). Online site-tours are always available!