Lateral Police Officer

  • El Paso, Texas
  • Oct 07, 2022
Full Time Public Safety
  • Salary: $55,372.88 - $84,433.46 Annually USD

Job Description


MOS Code: None
Education and Experience : High School Diploma, GED or higher and twelve (12) semester hours of credit in any field of study from an accredited college or university. A minimum of three (3) years of patrol duty while employed full time by a state, county or municipal police, college or school police department or sheriff's department and be twenty-one (21) years of age on or before the date of application. Must have received or be eligible for an Honorable Discharge (as defined by TCLEOSE ), from all law enforcement agencies of previous employment. Experience accumulated as a deputy, detention officer, jailer or officer employed at a correctional facility, District Attorney's office, Constable or as a Federal or Military Police Officer is not applicable experience.

Licenses and Certificates : Texas State Peace Officer License by start of the academy. A state-certified law enforcement officer currently employed by a state, county, or municipal police or sheriff's department (except as stated above). Texas Class "C" Driver's License or equivalent from another state by time of appointment.

Special Requirements: All applicants must be current U.S. citizens, pass a background investigation, and successfully complete a physical agility examination, medical examination, polygraph examination, psychological and drug exam prior to starting the Academy. Applicants with prior military service may not currently have a dishonorable discharge or other discharge based on misconduct, which bars future military service.

General Purpose

Under general supervision, perform assigned municipal law and ordinance enforcement and crime prevention duties which include maintaining a recognizable community presence to preserve peace and order, protect persons and property, and otherwise provide allied police services requested as well as precisely documenting evidence, circumstances and actions regarding actual and potential criminal violations or other public safety related incidents.

Typical Duties

Participate and complete the Lateral Police Officer Academy. Involves: Attend police academy classroom and designated police command field training, attend lectures and demonstrations, engage in practice sessions, read textbooks and instructional manuals. Prepare and submit study assignments about law enforcement, Texas Penal and related codes firearms and other weapons care and use, marksmanship, department requirements, policies and procedures, traffic laws and control arrest methods, two-way radio operation defensive driving, safety and emergency response techniques, accident investigation, ethics, report writing, and community relations principles.

Patrol streets, parks, commercial and residential areas on an assigned beat by foot, motorcycle or car to prevent or detect and investigate felony or misdemeanor law violations and other misconduct, regulate traffic and respond to calls for police assistance. Involves: Check stores, businesses, houses and other premises for burglars, fires, and other disturbances. Respond to emergency radio or telephone calls and participate in inquiries into reported or observed events such as vehicular or other accidents, robberies, civil disturbances, domestic violence, fights, drunkenness, missing persons, prowlers, and drug abuse. Examine suspicious conditions and conduct primary searches of scenes of attempted or committed crimes for clues. Seek out and question victims, witnesses and suspects to develop leads and tips. Independently decide course of action ordinarily expected in conformance with Federal, State, County, and City laws and ordinances to immediately deal with difficult and emergency situations without assistance as qualified. Maintain normal contact with police supervisory personnel by radio or telephone for consultation on major emergencies or precedents, to collaborate on investigations or provide mutual assistance during other law enforcement activities. Detain or arrest, restrain, search and advise suspects of their rights, and transport, register and book prisoners. Cooperate and exchange information with other law enforcement agencies as assigned. Obtain advice from City Attorney, Municipal Court, and Prosecutor's Office regarding cases, policies and procedures, as needed and assigned. Direct and enforce traffic and parking regulations, issue tickets to traffic violators, inspect motor vehicles for state registration, serial numbers and other pertinent information, and operate speed detecting radar device. Ascertain causes of traffic accidents by taking measurements and drawing diagrams of scenes, inspecting vehicles involved, obtaining and analyzing information incidental to events, and conducting hit-and-run follow-up inquiries. Rescue and render first aid to the injured, and summon ambulances and other law enforcement vehicles. Serve, as qualified, on specialized law enforcement operations or reaction teams, such as canine patrol, two-wheel motorcycle patrol, special weapons assault, juvenile cases, hostage negotiations or surveillance, if assigned. Engage in community-oriented policing by mediating disputes, providing assistance to the public with such routine matters as locked or stalled vehicles, conducting educational programs pertaining to issues such as crime prevention, self-defense techniques, drug abuse resistance and traffic safety, and furnish general information about department activities. Serve warrants and commitments to fulfill court orders. Testify in court.

Prepare felony and misdemeanor cases for filing of charges, give testimony in court proceedings or other proper law enforcement action. Involves: Compile information, write and submit reports on topics such as investigation findings, field interrogations, alcohol or drug influence, accident scenes, and traffic or other hazards that endanger public safety to superior officers. Prepare various records including officer's daily activity log, arrest register, Breathalyzer checklist, bad check form, and vehicle impoundment form.

Perform related duties as required. Involves: Act on behalf of superior officers in their absence, if assigned. Maintain normal availability by radio or telephone for consultation on open cases or emergency call out. Maintain equipment, supplies and facilities in clean, orderly and safe condition, which includes preventive servicing and making minor repairs, such as changing tires on assigned service vehicle if needed. Participate in in-service training for own professional development. Explain and demonstrate police patrol practices to less knowledgeable employees as requested. Serve on designated ad hoc committees.

General Information

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Test date: An evaluation of education and experience will be conducted on qualified applicants.

Note: Applicants are encouraged to apply immediately. This position will close when a preset number of qualified applications have been received.

A résumé and/or other documents will not be accepted in lieu of a completed application. Comments such as "See résumé" are not acceptable and will result in the application being considered incomplete.

To qualify for this position, required education, experience, knowledge and skills must be clearly stated on your application's employment history. We do not use any information on your resume to review if you meet the minimum qualifications for this position.

Failure to fully detail all experience and job duties in the application, or copying/pasting directly from the job specification, or responses referring to your résumé will eliminate you from consideration for the position.
Closing Date/Time: 12/15/2022 11:59 PM Mountain

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