Engineering Manager- Dev. Services

  • Kingman, Arizona
  • Jul 28, 2022
Full Time Administration and Management Engineering
  • Salary: $80,350.40 - $117,249.60 Annually USD

Job Description

Job Summary

Mohave County Development Services is currently recruiting for a Engineering Manager in the Environmental Quality/Waste Disposal Services Division.

This position is a senior management level class. Performs professional engineering, technical, budgetary, analytical, supervisory, and administrative duties involved in assisting the Development Services Director; and performs technical and supervisory work involved in planning and managing all activities of the Division of Environmental Quality/Waste Disposal Services of the Department of Development Services.

Work is performed under general direction of the Development Services Director. The employee is expected to exercise initiative and independent judgment in planning and organizing work, completing assignments, and exercise technical supervision of subordinates as required. Work is reviewed through conferences and results achieved.

The employee is expected to exercise technical and functional supervision over a staff of professional and technical subordinates as assigned by the Development Services Director.

Essential Job Functions

  • Establishes and maintains an extensive working relationship with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.
  • Plans, organizes and manages all activities and duties of the Division of Environmental Quality/Waste Disposal Services.
  • Responsible for the oversight of the Onsite Waste Water Treatment System Permitting Program for Onsite wastewater treatment systems up to 24,000 Gallons per day capacity as delegated to Mohave County by the State of Arizona through the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).
  • Responsible for the oversight and Contract Management for Permitting, Design Review and issuance of Approval to Construct for Potable Water Distribution and Waste Water Collection systems as delegated to Mohave County by the State of Arizona through the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).
  • Responsible for oversight, evaluation, and review of all Sewer and Potable Water System Construction Quality Control and Quality Assurance Testing Data and Inspections required for the issuance of Approval of Construction as required for the administration of Mohave County’s delegation agreement with the State of Arizona through the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).
  • Manages Inspection staff in daily activities including issuance of permits, review of applications and the processing of appeals.
  • Supervises and Conducts technical reviews of permit applications to determine compliance with applicable rules for wastewater systems and issues construction authorizations/discharge and other authorizations and approvals as may be applicable under the active delegation agreement with the State of Arizona through the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).
  • Inspects studies, analyzes and formulates proposals dealing with development and implementation of the current and any subsequent delegation agreement with the State of Arizona through the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).
  • Manages all permitting and inspection activities of the Division of Environmental Quality/Waste Disposal Services.
  • Contract Management, Environmental Permitting Oversight, and Development for Mohave County Owned Sanitary Landfills.
  • Manages Contract Administration and Site Development for the Mohave County Municipal Solid Waste Landfills.
  • Performs and supervises County Owned Landfill site inspections and determines operational compliance with the approved operations plan, operations contract documents, as well as all applicable Federal and State Laws governing the operations and development of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills.
  • Administers the County’s Suspect Waste Program, reviews laboratory analysis results, and makes determinations of waste acceptance at County Owned Landfills.
  • Administers and Supervises the Mohave County Household Hazardous Waste Program, Manages events, assures compliance with applicable disposal, recycling, and transportation rules, regulations and requirements.
  • Manages the waste tire collection and disposal program for the County owned waste tire collection sites.
  • Manages and Implements the Division Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Trains staff and subordinates in Departmental Policies and Procedures as well as inspection techniques, requirements, and standards.
  • Answer questions from the public and staff regarding delegated programs.
  • Represents the Division at local and state regulatory and organizational meetings.
  • Reviews Division projects for compliance with regulations, economic benefit and other technical matters and recommends to the Development Services Director, those projects meeting the criteria for inclusion into the Five Year Capital Improvement Program.
  • Responds to complaints, inquiries, and provides information concerning Divisional Administration, Permitting, and Solid Waste.
  • Designs and supervises improvement projects and master planning at the County Owned Municipal Solid Waste Landfills and/or other Solid Waste related projects with staff or consultants.
  • Performs contract administration for the delivery of planning, design, and construction services.
  • Assists in development and analysis of cost data, engineering proposals and alternatives, and division operating budgets.
  • Formulates and implements goals, objectives, policies and procedures.
  • Interprets, explains and verifies compliance with federal, state, county and city laws, rules and regulations governing County Wastewater and Solid Waste activities and permitting.
  • Performs complex analytical work, designing, developing and reviewing proposals, plans, shop drawings, cost estimates, contractor requests, reports and other submittals, ensuring technical competence and compliance with all current codes, regulations, standards and specifications for Municipal Solid Waste Landfill projects.
  • Prepares Request for Proposals (RFP’s) and Request for Qualifications (RFQ’s), analyzes and evaluates the scope and cost of contractor and consultant submittals, interviews, recommends selection, assists in negotiating contractual agreements and prepares final contract and award recommendations for consultants, construction, and maintenance.
  • Completes performance plans and evaluations; recommends disciplinary actions; may make hiring recommendations.
  • Represents the Development Services Director in dealings with other governmental jurisdictions, other County Departments and Divisions, the general public, contractors and consulting engineers regarding Division projects.
  • Attends meetings and conferences.
  • Coordinates continuing education programs for staff.
  • Other Job Specific related work as required.
  • Review work of peers and subordinates for accuracy and completeness.
  • Respond to inquiries of the general public, other departments and jurisdictions by phone and in the office or field.
  • Assist in the recruitment, selection and hiring process for positions of Technicians, Inspectors and others as requested.
  • Performs related work as required.
  • Performs special assignments as requested.
  • Exercise regular and predictable attendance and punctuality in accordance with Mohave County Personnel Policies and Procedures. ???????

Minimum Qualifications
  • A Bachelor’s degree in civil or environmental engineering, or related field.
  • Five (5) years of increasingly responsible experience in engineering design or construction engineering management, or Municipal Solid Waste Sanitary Landfill operations and contract management.
  • Licensed as Professional Engineer in the State of Arizona OR having the qualifications and ability to obtain licensing within six months of appointment;
  • OR an equivalent combination of education, experience and training may be considered in meeting the minimum qualifications.

  • Must be licensed as Professional Engineer in the State of Arizona within six (6) months of appointment.
  • Must be licensed as a Professional Civil Engineer and be registered in the State of Arizona within six (6) months of appointment to the position
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license for operation of motor vehicles on Arizona roads at the start of employment and maintain said license while employed in this position.
  • Provide acceptable driving history at no cost to the County.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Knowledge of:
  • Modern methods, principles and practices of environmental engineering and construction with emphasis on Municipal Solid Waste Landfills, Potable Water systems, and Wastewater collection and treatment systems.
  • Federal, state and local technical, administrative and legal requirements pertaining to Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, Potable Water Distribution, and Wastewater management.
  • Principles of administration, supervision, training and evaluation.
  • Budgetary and financial procedures and data processing applications.
  • Research, analysis, evaluation and reporting techniques.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with governmental/private/public officials and employees, and the general public.
  • Ability to prepare and present clear, concise reports both orally and in writing.
  • Understanding of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill infrastructure construction and maintenance.
  • Understanding of project schedules and the relationships of stakeholders.
  • Mohave County and Department regulations, rules, policies and procedures.
Skill in:
  • Effective and diplomatic resolution of problems associated with Waste Water Permitting and Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Management.
  • The planning, directing, utilization and management of manpower and equipment within prescribed budgetary requirements and established standards.
  • Identification and resolution of operational, procedural and personnel problems.
Ability to:
  • Understand, interpret and apply pertinent federal, state, county, city, and departmental laws, rules, regulations, codes, standards, policies, and procedures.
  • Plan, organize, and direct the work of professional, technical, para professional personnel and consultants.
  • Organize, analyze, interpret and evaluate scientific Environmental Engineering problems and predication of results.
  • Exercise judgment and discretion in matters of policy and procedure design and implementation.
  • Interpret legal descriptions and documents, maps, construction plans and other descriptive materials relating to Division Infrastructure and Permits.
  • Make decisions in accordance with established policies and regulations.
  • Analyze administrative, organizational and personnel situations and determine appropriate or alternative actions.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
  • Respond effectively to a variety of changing situations.
  • Perform the essential functions of the job specifications with or without a reasonable accommodation .
  • Comply with Mohave County Personnel Policies and Procedures, and Department Regulations.


Mohave County provides two options for Self Insured Medical Plan, paid by Employee & Employer, to regular employees (employees who work at least 30 hours per week). Both plan options utilize the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona for in Arizona coverage, plus the Aetna Choice POS II network for out of Arizona coverage; when you need medical care, select a provider from the directory and verify the provider's current status as a network provider. The medical plans include pharmacy benefits.
  • Summary Plan Description
  • PLAN 1: Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) Plan Deductible $1,000 per person deductible. Calendar Year Out of Pocket Maximum per Single Coverage is $6,300 and $12,700 for Family Coverage.
  • PLAN 2: High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) $3,000 maximum Out of Pocket for Single Coverage and $6000 maximum Out of Pocket maximum for Family

Out of Pocket Maximum includes medical Deductible, medical Copays, Prescription Drug Deductible and Copays.


Teladoc is a healthcare option available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year for non-emergent medical conditions.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
This voluntary benefit is available to all regular employees working at least 30 hours per week. This pre-tax option will reduce taxable income.
  • Health care reimbursement account: up to $2,850 per year
  • Dependent daycare reimbursement account: up to $5,000 per year
Health Savings Account (HSA)
This voluntary benefit is available to all qualified employees who are on the High Deductible Health Plan. This pre-tax option will reduce taxable income. You may elect to contribute up to the full 2022 annual limit:
  • $3,650 max employee contribution for Single coverage
  • $7,300 max employee contribution for Family coverage.
Dental insurance is available to regular employees working at least 30 hours per week through Delta Dental.
  • High Option: $2,000 maximum annual benefit.High Option includes orthodontia benefit with lifetime maximum of $1,500.
  • Low Option: $2,000 maximum annual benefit.
Vision insurance is available to regular employees working at least 30 hours per week through EyeMed Vision Care. EyeMed offers access to a broad network of independent providers as well as access to out-of-network providers.

Short Term Disability
Coverage is through Ochs, Inc. - Madison National
Short-Term Disability (STD) is insurance that replaces some of your income if an injury or illness prevents you from working. Provided by Mohave County.

Life Insurance
Coverage is through Ochs, Inc. - Minnesota Life
  • Basic Life Insurance / Accidental Death & Dismemberment of $50,000
  • Provided by Mohave County to regular employees working at least 30 hours per week
Optional / Voluntary Benefits
Payroll deductions are available for the following Optional / Voluntary Benefits:
  • Supplemental Life Insurance is available through Ochs, Inc.- Minnesota Life Insurance Company for employees, spouse and dependent children.
  • Tax Deferred Compensation Plan 457: this option is voluntary and available to all employees through ICMA-RC or Nationwide.
  • Identity Theft Protection is available through IdentityForce, Sontiq for employees and eligible dependents
Retirement Systems / Long-Term Disability
Mohave County is a MANDATORY participating agency in these classification-based retirement systems:
  • (ASRS) Arizona State Retirement System: Eligible employees working at least 20 hours per week for 20 weeks or more. MANDATORY contribution rate as of 07/01/2022 is 12.17% beginning on your first paycheck and is employer matched.
  • (CORP) Correction Officers Retirement Plan: Employees in Adult Detention positions with the Sheriff's Office. Contributions begin 90 days after first day of employment. Election rates of contribution are between 5% - 40%; default rate of 7%.
  • (AOC-CORP) Administration of Courts - Correction Officers Retirement Plan: Juvenile Detention and Adult Probation (Superior Court). Contributions begin 90 days after first day of employment. Election rates of contribution are between 5% - 40%; default rate of 7%.
  • (PSPRS) Public Safety Retirement System: Employees in certain positions with the Sheriff's Office. Defined Benefit Tier 3 contribution amount is 9.94%. Contributions begin 90 days after first day of employment.
Additional Benefits
The following additional benefits are available to all regular employees:
  • 11 Paid Holidays
  • Payroll direct deposit
  • Paid Time Off - vacation/sick time
  • Pre-tax deduction plan
  • Up to 80% of medical premiums paid by Mohave County
  • Bereavement Leave

These materials were created to help you understand the benefits available to you. This is not a Summary Plan Description and is not intended to replace the benefit summaries or schedule of benefits contained within the Plan. If any provision of these materials is inconsistent with the language of the Plan, the language of the Plan will govern .

Job Address

Kingman, Arizona United States View Map